“My Spider-man”: The tender message that Zendaya dedicated to Tom Holland in networks

Zendaya and Tom Holland | Getty Images.

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

A few days after the premiere of the film “Spider-man: No Way Home”, the third and final installment of the Marvel Studios Home saga, the actress Zendaya took to her social media to express her love and pride for her co-star and boyfriend in real life, Tom holland. What was that he say? Here we tell you.

Through her Instagram account, the Emmy winner moved her followers with the romantic message she dedicated to who, in addition to being her crush on screen, is one in real life.

It was a few brief, but forceful words that made it more than clear to the public that despite the end of Spider-Man’s “Home” trilogy as part of the UCM, Zendaya’s bond with Tom Holland is stronger than ever.


“My Spider-Man, I am so proud of you. There are things that never change ”, reads as a description of the publication in which he showed a postcard of the actor dressed in the iconic arachnid hero costume during the filming of one of the scenes of the film released on December 15.

However, the touch of cuteness was added with another image in which a little Tom Holland fan of the superhero is appreciated, someone who at his young age could not imagine that he would one day interpret to the character he was wearing in his pajamas.

The responses were immediate from the couple’s followers, who from day one spoke more than happily about the romance of the famous: “Try to name a better duo, there isn’t!”, “They are so cute”, “I love their messages on networks”, “So in love” and “Awww, supporting her boyfriend”, are the messages that are read under the publication.

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