“My tears of happiness are so immense”: Vanessa Guzmán introduced her first granddaughter

Mexican actress Vanessa Guzmán revealed her latest happiness to the world one day after the Thanksgiving celebration. The actress surprised all her followers by introducing them to her granddaughter, a little baby who recently came into the world.

The also bodybuilder wrote a beautiful message for the baby, who appears in two photographs: one with her parents in the background and one in her grandmother’s arms.

“My tears of happiness are so immense for so many radical changes in life, as well as this indescribable emotion, love and feelings that I had never experienced for a being. Receiving you my beautiful (VE) has been the most beautiful gift to close this year… I cannot describe the love and gratitude to heaven for such a beautiful blessing ”, expressed Guzmán on his Instagram account.

The actress stressed that Thanksgiving this year was very special in which she thanked God and life for all the experiences she has had this year.

“Despite the fact that ‘Thanksgiving’ represents something totally different from what we celebrate, many of us use it simply to thank God and life for what we lived throughout a year”, highlighted about it in the publication that already has more than 16,859 likes.

The message that Guzmán wrote on the popular social network was not only dedicating beautiful words to her granddaughter and talking a little about the important holiday in the United States, the actress also dedicated some precious words to her son José and Malorie, her daughter-in-law.

“Thank you José and Malorie, thanks to you I am the most blessed and happy grandmother for your presence ‘my princess’. May God illuminate your path, and you are always grateful for this beautiful gift that life gave you. May her little angels from heaven always protect her ”, he highlighted in the emotional message.

The followers of the actress did not miss the opportunity to send messages of affection to her and her family and even saying who the newborn looks like.

Very similar to you, the grandmother ”and“ You are already a grandmother: with such a great body. So cool!” are some of the comments that can be read.

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