Myrian Montemayor gets trapped on a plane by Covid-19

Through your Twitter account, Myriam Montemayor, reported that they left her for two hours in a airplane waiting for a pilot, this given the complications that airports are experiencing due to the increase in infections of Covid-19.

The effects on flights due to the increase in covid-19 cases in pilots and flight attendants has affected hundreds of people, including celebrities.

“After having 2 hours on top of an @Aeromexico plane because there is no pilot, due to infections they do not have enough crew,” said the famous.

Recently in AmericanPost.News We have told you that Myriam Montemayor sent her support to Yahir after the problems with her son Tristán.

Myrian denounces lack of care

The singer is left without a flight, in the face of Covid-19 infections Airlines in Mexico are affected by the increase in Covid-19 infections

The singer Myriam Montemayor also complained that “on the plane there are people coughing without having the criteria of risk and health effects, regardless of our time,” the famous complained.

In her latest tweet, Myriam complained that it was 5:24 pm and she still hadn’t taken off, when her flight was scheduled for 1:00 pm.

The singer expressed her dissatisfaction with her hundreds of followers, who supported her annoyance, ‘because thousands of people have suffered cancellations, due to the lack of personnel at airports, due to the increase in infections.

Cancellation of flights due to Covid-19

Airlines in Mexico are affected by the increase in Covid-19 infections

It has recently been announced that 87 airline pilots in Mexico have Covid-19, given the increase in cases originating from the Omicron variant.

Faced with its contagion, the entire crew must remain isolated until it is guaranteed that they are not a carrier of Covid-19.

These measures were taken to guarantee the health of passengers and other pilots and flight attendants.

However, in the absence of staff, hundreds of flights have been canceled last minute, causing damage to passengers.

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