Myrka Dellanos celebrated another year of life

Myrka Dellanos turned 57 years old. The host of ‘La Mesa Caliente’ on Telemundo celebrated a new year of life this May 27.

On her Instagram account, the presenter posted an image wearing a long yellow dress with flowers that reveals part of her small waist and one of her legs. Electric blue heels complemented her outfit.

“Thank God for another year of life,” wrote the television host next to this photograph that has already garnered more than 250 congratulatory comments.

These are some of the messages left by his followers: “CONGRATULATIONS AND MAY GOD GIVE YOU MANY MORE YEARS TOGETHER WITH ALL YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. ENJOY A LOT A BIG HUG”, “A thousand blessings and fulfill all the years of happy life” and “Happy Birthday admired and dear Mirka Dellanos… my best wishes always for you with immense respect and sympathy… blessings.”

Myrka Dellanos constantly shares images of her outfits on her Instagram account, boasts of her small waist or writes words that can serve as a vent or as advice for all the people who read and follow her.. In this social network, the driver is about to reach two million followers.

A few weeks ago Dellanos used this social network to confess and talk about his feelings and what he thinks of women who criticize others: “CONFESSION: It is extremely difficult to be in front of the TV cameras every day and to be constantly compared to three other women. I respect each one of them and I find each one beautiful with different physical and spiritual traits. But why is it that especially women physically attack the appearance of another woman. Why do they do it? I can’t change who I am”, was part of what she wrote.

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