Myrka Dellanos celebrates her birthday on days off from ‘La Mesa Caliente’

Myrka Dellanos She is one of the drivers of “The Hot Table“, Telemundo’s evening talk show. This week the alarms went off among the fans of the program when the television presenter announced that she was leaving the show for a few days.

I’m going to be away for a few days“, Myrka said at the end of the program on Tuesday, May 24.

The next day, his partner veronica bastos sent greetings to Myrka announcing that Liliana Rodriguez he would take the empty table for the rest of the week.

Now we welcome Liliana Rodríguez who will be accompanying us during these days that our dear Myrka will be away. Next Monday she will be here as she said yesterday. So we send you a kiss, dear and adored Myrka as far as you areVeronica said.

It seems that Myrka’s absence is due to the fact that she took a few days to celebrate life since May 27 is her birthday. The journalist made a publication on Instagram to thank her for another year of life.

Thank you God for another year of life!Myrka posted.

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His daughter Alexa also dedicated a few words to him on Instagram, sharing a series of photos of herself.

Celebrating my favorite person. happy birthday to the best mother“, published the young woman. “Thank you for being my mother, my best friend and the person I admire the most. I love you and I am very grateful to be your daughter. God bless you always“.

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