Myrka Dellanos paid a nice homeage to Jenni Rivera and Rosie Rivera reacted

Myrka Dellanos paid tribute to Jenni Rivera, "La diva de la banda", on 'La Mesa Caliente'. The hostess received multiple comments, among them from the singer's sister.

In ‘La Mesa Caliente,’ several Latin divas paid tribute in the special Halloween program – Photo: Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images.

On ‘La Mesa Caliente,’ they became celebrities with a section called “Grandes Divas” (Great Divas), and all the hosts of the Telemundo show impersonated different celebrities from the stage, with the presentation of Hector Sandarti.

Giselle Blondet impersonated Selena Quintanilla, Veronica Bastos impersonated Marilyn Monroe, Cristina Eustace, in the absence of Alix Aspe, got into the skin of Shakira in the video of “Monotonia” and Myrka Dellanos represented Jenni Rivera “La diva de la banda,” one of the most beloved Mexican performers in the world.

Wearing a pink dress with yellow flowers and scarves of the same color, just like one worn by Jenni Rivera, Myrka Dellanos appeared on stage to sing the late Mexican singer’s most iconic songs on “La Mesa Caliente.”

“Today, I had the honor of impersonating the Diva de la Banda, Jenni Rivera! I was very nervous because she was very dear to me, and I wanted to do my best. We had a great time. We laughed a lot with the audience,” she said.

We laughed a lot with the audience,” said Dellanos while showing pictures of her performance and the outfit she wore for it.

One of the reactions to Dellanos’ tribute to Jenni Rivera was from Rosie Rivera, sister of the Mexican singer: “How beautiful! Thank you so much for this honor,” she commented on the publication.

Many more social media users did not miss the opportunity and left Dellanos several messages about her tribute to “La diva de la banda.”

“BELLA, you did super, Myrka. I’m sure Jenny Rivera’s family will see you well” “Wonderful, my dear Myrka,” “What a beauty. Very nice Myrka”, “Wow! Super diva, you did fabulously! We loved it!!!” and “You did spectacular!!!! Very well you took the show you,” her Instagram followers told her.