Myrka Dellanos returns to the studio of ‘La Mesa Caliente’ and the public does not contain their joy

Myrka Dellanos returned to the studio of ‘La Mesa Caliente’ after spending several days in London covering the events that unfolded after the death of Queen Isabell II, on September 9.

Alix Aspe, Giselle Blondet and Verónica Bastos welcomed the host with great emotion and a big hug at the beginning of the program, but they were not the only ones who celebrated the return of Dellanos: viewers also expressed their liking for this situation and even complimented the presenter.

In ‘La Mesa Caliente’ they published the video of the moment in which the program began and Dellanos was welcomed, who wore an olive green dress, very tight to the body.

“We miss you Myrka, you are beautiful”, “The Hot Table is very hot today, we have Myrka Dellanos with a tremendous little body”, “Oh, it’s good that Myrka arrived, bravooooo”, “It’s good that Myrka is back” and “@myrkadellanos so cute she is! She was missed”, These were some of the messages the presenter received after her return to the “La Mesa Caliente” studio.

In another publication they made on the Instagram account of the Verónica Bastos program, they recorded Dellanos, who claimed to be very happy to return to the studio with his companions. “Happy to be back with you!! Hugs and kisses!”, also commented the driver.

After learning that Queen Elizabeth II passed away, Dellanos left for London to report from there all the events generated by the departure of the monarch. “It has been an honor and pleasure to bring you the information live from London for 3 Telemundo shows,” she said in one of her Instagram posts, in which she is seen in front of the iconic Big Ben.

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