Myrka Dellanos shows off her long legs sitting on a sofa

Myrka Dellanos has shown off her spectacular figure again through her social networks. The host of ‘La Mesa Caliente’, the program broadcast by Telemundo and which she hosts together with Giselle Blondet, Alix Aspe and Verónica Bastos, published two photos on her Instagram profile in which she appears sitting in two different spaces of the program’s studio .

In the first photograph, her face and part of her torso covered by a green dress are closely observed, but one of her shoulders is exposed. The following image details her entire body sitting on a mustard-colored sofa. Her crossed legs and the skirt of her dress that falls above her knees highlight the length of this stylized part of her body.

“What excites you most in life? For me it’s seeing my loved ones smile- it’s that easy! The smallest things bring the greatest happiness.” The driver wrote when sharing these images that have already garnered a large number of comments.

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One of the physical attributes that most characterizes the presenter is her ‘wasp waist’. On various occasions and with various outfits Dellanos has boasted of her tiny waist through digital platforms.

One of those occasions in which he showed his waist was when he was in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ prior to the start of the second season of this reality show. The driver wore a tight yellow dress that highlighted every inch of her waist, as well as her bust and legs.

Myrka Dellanos constantly posts images on her Instagram account, a social network in which she also expresses her feelings. A few weeks ago she confessed to her followers that it has been difficult for her to constantly compare her with her program partners.

“CONFESSION: It is extremely difficult to be in front of the TV cameras every day and to be constantly compared to three other women. I respect each one of them and I find each one beautiful with different physical and spiritual traits. But why is it that especially women physically attack the appearance of another woman. Why do they do it? I can’t change who I am,” was part of what she said.

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