Myrka Dellanos wears a tight outfit with chains at the waist from Los Angeles

La Mesa Caliente‘ went to Los Angeles to broadcast the show from the Universal Citywalk Hollywood in the company of people who came to watch the show live.

For the first transmission that Myrka Dellanos, Alix Aspe, and Giselle Blondet did from that place, the three wore full outfits of pants and shirts. In the case of Dellanos, the outfit was a tight-fitting bodysuit, which highlighted her waist because of the chains placed just in that area of her body.

Myrka Dellanos’ wasp waist and the whole look she wore caused a sensation among the followers of the Telemundo show, who left some messages to the hostess in a publication made on the Instagram account of the show: “Myrka is a goddess,” “Myrka the cutest” and “Beautiful women, Myrka Dellanos even more” were some of the comments.

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A few days ago, Myrka Dellanos also captivated many of her followers at the Billboard Latin Music Awards 2022, held at the Watsco Center in Miami.

More on Myrka Dellanos:

Dellanos had a little accident with the dress she decided to wear for the awards: the zipper broke, and they quickly had to find a solution. Her stylist found it, and that’s how the presenter wore a dress she wore 17 years ago at a Grammy Awards.

The dress is purple, and the fabric looks like velvet, with a detail at the bottom of the bust Myrka Dellanos made the before and now comparison.

“Well, a good time to appreciate how beautiful you look”, “WOW… you look more beautiful than ever! Myrka = good wine,” and “In both, you look divinely gorgeous” were some of the messages from her followers.