Mystery rusty metal sphere washes up on Enshuhama beach in Japan, sparking UFO speculation

It has a diameter of approximately 1.5 meters, has bumps and they fear that it is also an explosive object.

A huge round-shaped object washed up on a beach in Japan. Police have restricted the area to at least 200 meters around it because they believe it could be an explosive mine. The sphere was located on Enshuhama beach in Hamamatsu in Shizuoka Prefecture. However, due to the strange shape and the material with which the figure is made, it is speculated that it could be a UFO.

bola de metal
The metal ball washed up on a Japanese beach. Photo: Special

Although the origin of the metal sphere is still being investigated, whether it arrived by sea or from the sky as an Unidentified Flying Object, what is known at the moment is that the iron ball was seen for the first time this Tuesday, February 21 at around 8:45 a.m. (local time). A woman was the first person to look at the object. She immediately called the police as she feared it was an explosive mine.

Gift from North Korea or a simple UFO? Japanese police blockade Enshuhama Beach after discovering a mysterious metal sphere 1.5 meters in diameter. Access to the area was restricted, and traffic in the region was stopped.”

Upon arrival at Enshuhama Beach, officers analyzed the sphere they described as having a diameter of approximately 1.5 meters. According to initial reports, the material from which the sphere is made is believed to be metal, as the surface is brown in color and has surface rust.

Images released by local media were provided to the Japan Self-Defense Forces and the Japan Coast Guard. Police continue to restrict access to about 200 meters around the Tsuboi Interchange on National Route 1, according to local media News Dig. No further information about the find, its origin, and whether it poses any danger to the residents of Hamamatsu City has been released.

bola de metal
The strange ball is 1.5 m in diameter. Photo: Special

The huge metal ball also has some protuberances on its surface that make its shape even more attractive, which has aroused the curiosity and fear of the residents of Enshuhama beach, who are still waiting for the authorities to release information about the origin of the intimidating sphere.

More UFO sightings

A week ago, flights of several Unidentified Flying Objects were documented on social networks in the Uruguayan city of Paysandu and the province of Buenos Aires in Argentina. The director of Tourism of Paysandú, José Manuel Galván, was one of the witnesses who saw the strange lights in the sky from the region of Termas de Almirón, according to information from the local newspaper El País.

bola de metal
In Japan, the sphere appeared this Tuesday. Photo: Special

In this regard, and given the complaints of the witnesses on the networks, the Uruguayan Army informed in a statement that it sent military personnel to investigate the situation. “Because of the reports received on the night of Friday, February 10, about the sighting of flashing lights in the sky in the area of Termas Almirón, the intervention of the CRIDOVNI (Commission for the Reception and Investigation of Reports of Unidentified Flying Objects) has been ordered”.

Just on Sunday, a new sphere appeared in Hawaii, similar to the one identified in the past days as an artifact from China, which allegedly had been launched to analyze the weather; however, the U.S. government indicated that it was a spy artifact and destroyed it with Army fighter planes.