Nacho Palau, Miguel Bosé’s ex, reveals the reason why he ended up with the singer

After months of silence Nacho Palau, former of Miguel Bose offered an interview in which he spoke about the reasons that forced him to separate from the singer and in AmericanPost.News We bring you all the details.

The ex-partner of the interpreter of ‘Amante bandido’ confessed to Diez Minutos magazine that the relationship that began as lovely tale ended up as one horror story”, due to artist changes.

Recently, the singer has been involved in various scandals for his controversial statements about vaccines and COVID-19, opinions that differ from those of Palau, who claimed to be vaccinated.

Nacho Palau talks about his breakup with Miguel Bosé

The singer and the sculptor had a 26-year relationship. The singer moved to Mexico with two of his children.

The Spanish singer and Palau had a relationship of more than 26 years, during this time four children were born by surrogacy: Diego and Thaddeus, Miguel’s biological children, and Ivo and Telmo, Nacho’s biological children.

However, their love story changed from one day to the next, since according to Palau “Miguel began to obsess over child safety and that obsession was getting bigger. He always imposed his criteria, and he did so more and more”, to the point that the little ones were not allowed to leave the house for a long time.

The constant problems that the couple lived caused the relationship to deteriorate to the point of reaching ultimate ending after more than two decades. “He was tremendous, we got along terrible. I left that relationship fatal. His behavior, his character and way of being, everything was tremendous. Miguel when he is good is very good, and when he is bad is the worst“Detailed the singer’s ex-partner.

It was in 2020, after serving two years of separation, that Miguel started a legal fight for his 4 children, because after ending their relationship, two little ones went to Mexico with the interpreter, while the other two stayed in Spain with him. Valencian sculptor.

Where does Miguel Bose live?

The singer moved to Mexico with two of his children.

The singer, Miguel Bosé, has been living in Mexico for years, away from the paparazzi persecutions to which he was accustomed in Spain. After his separation from the sculptor Nacho Palau, the singer moved to the Aztec lands with his two biological children, Thaddeus and Diego.

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