Nadal defeats Medvedev and advances to the final of the Mexican Tennis Open

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal defeated the Russian 6-3, 6-3 Daniel Medvedev, who was listed as the favorite and qualified for the final of the Mexican Tennis Openin which he will face the British cameron norrie.

Rafael won the key points in the first set and saved 11 break points in the second to beat Medvedev, who at times showed impeccable tennis and at others seemed somewhat unfocused.

Let us remember that already in the last Australian Open, as we informed you here in AmericanPost.News, this same meeting had been held but during the final where the Spaniard also imposed and managed to win the tournament in an epic way.

AMT Final: Rafael Nadal and Cameron Norrie.

The meeting which was followed up on its live broadcast and in the social networks of the open The Mexican fulfilled the great expectations with which he began, by putting the finalists of the Australian Open face to face, in which Nadal won his twenty-first Grand Slam.

The effectiveness of the Spaniard against the Balearic Islands with the first service was 68 percent in the first set, but he took advantage of the unforced errors of his opponent, whom he won the decisive points and won 6-3. Well into the fourth game, Rafa broke his rival’s serve and from then on he kept up his tennis aggressively from the back of the court to make a difference in his favor.

In the second, Medvedev started without direction, lost the serve at the start and went below. The Russian tried to regain the initiative, created the conditions, but could not break against a Nadal who showed clear superiority and saved four break points in the fourth game and seven in the sixth.

Medvedev assured his turns on serve, until in the ninth game Nadal came from behind and broke to put “the cherry on the cake” to victory.

Who is the winningest tennis player of all time?

The tennis with the highest number of ATP’s is the now American coach Jimmy Connors who has 109 titles, followed by Roger Federer with 103, Ivan Lendl with 94 and Rafa Nadal in fourth position with 90.

Many of the faithful followers of this sport have assured that the Spaniard will be able to break Jimmy’s record, although many others have speculated that it will not be possible because he is already thinking of definitively retiring from the courts.

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