Nadia Ferreira has her own Marc Anthony doll

Nadia Ferreira, future wife of Marc Anthony.

Photo: MENAHEM KAHANA/AFP/Getty Images

Nadia Ferrerira showed a funny moment that she lived in a private plane with her fiancé Marc Anthony. In the video recorded by Miss Universe Paraguay 2021, an improvised doll is seen, fully dressed, and with the face of her partner.

As she smiles and records, it also shows Marc Anthony who is resting comfortably in another seat on the plane. “I see double today”, was what the Paraguayan wrote when posting the video in the stories of her Instagram account.

In social networks, this couple usually brags about their trips and the romantic and fun moments they share together. Nadia Ferreira usually accompanies Marc Anthony at his concerts, so they are often on planes traveling around the world.

The Paraguayan and the Puerto Rican salsa singer got married a few months ago at a big party. The first sample of the commitment was published by Ferreira on his Instagram account, posing with a shiny ring on his hand and with the phrase “engagement party”. Shortly after it was confirmed that it was her commitment to the artist.

Traveling the world, they recently visited Europe and bragged about it on their social media with lots of love. “Princeless moments in Europe”, wrote Marc Anthony to accompany a photo in which Nadia Ferreira appears behind him giving him a hug, somewhere in the old continent.

The love between Ferreira and Marc Anthony was confirmed after they were seen in a Greek restaurant, participating in a traditional activity in that country, and where he gave the model a big kiss on the lips.

This couple has not been spared from the criticism of people on social networks, who point out the age difference between the two. She is 23 years old, while he is 53.

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