Pregnancy rumors: Nadia Ferreira’s bulgy tummy was brought to attention by the audience after her wedding

¡HOLA! TV shared a photo of the wedding of Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira, as in the image several users of the social network Instagram have agreed that she would have several months of gestation. However, the newlyweds so far have not wanted to comment on this issue.

Singer Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira have been involved in a controversy for more than a week because allegedly, the wedding had to be brought forward due to an alleged pregnancy. However, the newlyweds have preferred to keep silent about these rumors, which have gained much more strength.

¡HOLA! TV had exclusive coverage of the wedding last Saturday, January 28th, in Miami, a highly emotional celebration held in style and attended by many personalities from the entertainment world. At the same time, on Tuesday, they shared a new image where Ferreira’s belly is a little pronounced.

In the photo, Nadia wears another dress that possibly would not have favored her as the previous ones, as her belly is seen with volume, which would have generated further speculation about an alleged state of pregnancy of the Paraguayan, a fact that many would not agree with because of the age difference that exists, since she is 23 years old and he is 54.

The expressions in the publication coincided with the possibility of expecting a child with the salsa singer, which for him would be the seventh. In turn, Ferreira became the singer’s fourth wife. Read about their prenuptial contract here.

“For me, she is pregnant, well, nothing happens, there is money to buy milk and bottles,” “In the first photo you can see the belly, there we have a baby,” “The newlywed looks pregnant,” “It is a pregnancy of more than three months,” “She looks pregnant,” “It is perfectly obvious that she is pregnant,” “Baby on board,” “Nadia’s belly is I think,” “Nadia Ferreira that pregnancy belly can no longer be hidden. Being a first-time mom and skinny, she is probably four or six months pregnant”, “Well, you can see her tummy,” “You can already see her tummy, it’s a boy,” were some of the comments that were registered in the above-mentioned post.

Nadia Ferreira reappeared after allegedly being pregnant with Marc Anthony

This weekend she surprised her more than two million followers on the social network with the little camera after sharing several photos of her wedding, which took place last weekend. At the same time, she showed some of the personalities that were present at that moment.

“Memories of a unique, magical, and unforgettable day” were the words that accompanied the photo gallery that the Paraguayan shared on her Instagram this weekend.