Nadia Ferreira steals the limelight in Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami CF introduction after recent childbirth

New mother and Paraguayan star, Nadia Ferreira, stuns fans in Miami, her radiant appearance rivalling Messi's soccer spotlight.

Almost two months after giving birth to her first child, Nadia Ferreira reappeared in public. The Paraguayan made her triumphant entrance to the media world in a big way: at the presentation of Leonel Messi at Inter Miami CF.

The former beauty queen did not hesitate to show off her encounter with the Argentinean star. And the images caused a real stir because fans could not decide what they liked most of the photos she published.

First of all, what caught the attention was the impressive postpartum figure of the Paraguayan since her baby was born last June 18.

“Nadia doesn’t look like she just had a baby. She’s still just as beautiful,” “Goddess,” and “Your body after giving birth is amazing” were some of the compliments Nadia received.

But there was something else that excited her followers and it was the fact of seeing her with what they consider the best soccer player in the world.

“I don’t know if I envy Nadia for meeting Messi or Messi for having met Nadia,” “I envy Marc for having both of them in each hand,” and “He didn’t even show off his baby like Messi ha, ha, ha,” commented the excited and witty fans.