Nancy Pelosi and the United States receive considerable sanctions from China

It has been reported that Nancy Pelosi would receive considerable penalties from China and they include their direct relativesjustified that it is because he ignored the warnings of the trip to Taiwan.

The statement indicates that with her trip the president of the United States House of Representatives “undermined the sovereignty” and integrity of China, the official sources they did not specify about sanctions.

The sanctions for Pelosi have been established two days after her visit to Taiwanwhich was taken in the worst way by China since it considers that with this USA is “interfering in their internal affairs”

Both Pelosi and the United States received sanctions

Both Pelosi and the United States received sanctions Nancy Pelosi travels to Taiwan

It was this Friday, August 5, when China announced today eight measures protesting against Pelosi’s unexpected trip to Taiwan, one of the sanctions for the United States is the suspension cooperation in the repatriation of illegal immigrants.

About the trip Nancy Pelosiin AmericanPost.News We inform you that during a conference he said that the United States “will not allow” China to isolate Taiwan, since it is an important ally in Asia.

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Nancy Pelosi travels to Taiwan

Nancy Pelosi travels to Taiwan

for the journey of Nancy PelosiChina will sanction the United States by suspending aid judicial penalas well as in the drug control and in the fight against transnational crime and the conversations on the fight against climate change of the two countries.

Likewise, the Chinese Foreign Ministry reported the cancellation of the phone calls between the leaders of military commands and of the work meetings between the defense portfolios of both powers.

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