Naruto fan goes viral with his Orochimaru cosplay body paint

When it started Narutothere was perhaps no greater villain threatening the ninja world and Hidden Leaf Village than Orochimaru, the former Konoha member who trained alongside Jiraiya and Tsunadewho eventually plunged into the world of dark ninjutsu to gain power and seek immortality.

While the snake ninja might have originally been evil, the antagonist’s offspring Mitsuki is a current part of Team 7 and one cosplayer has attempted to recreate Orochimaru’s original look by using some wild body paint to revisit the main antagonist. which is now on the light side.

Orochimaru is one of the characters from the classic Naruto anime who lent a major hand against the Kara Organization as the new group of villains began their march against the ninja world, fighting a one-on-one battle against the infamous Victory.

Orochimaru in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

While the snake ninja hasn’t had a role to play in the current battle against Kara, following Jigen’s death and Code’s arrival as the organization’s new leader, Orochimaru continues to experiment in the shadows of the Hidden Leaf Village as he continues. the battle against the new enemy.

Instagram cosplayer Yaiza Pérez was able to perfectly bring Orochimaru to the real world, tongue and all thanks to her detailed body paint. The infamous ninja might have turned a page when it comes to attacking Konoha and his ninjas, but he’s still a powerhouse when it comes to the dark tricks he’s learned over the years:

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AmericanPost.News shares with you that the manga and anime within the Shonen series created by Masashi Kishimoto are currently taking two very different paths with the television series set to send the Uzumaki family on vacation as the battle against the Kara Organization continues in the streets. Weekly Shōnen Jump pages.

With the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime adaptation creating “source material” for the foreseeable future, Orochimaru might have a chance to return, even though the snake ninja hasn’t been present in the manga’s pages for quite some time.

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