Naruto: This is what Sasuke’s figure looks like without censorship

Almost a month after the release uncensored figure of Gojo Satoru from Jujutsu Kaisen, Sasuke from Naruto joins this viral roster of characters that leave little to the imagination.

Yes, Sasuke Uchiha already has one figurine +18 the most top that one can imagine. Next we are going to leave you a series of censored images so that you can see them in all their splendor, but if you want to see them without censorship, at 100% of their capacities, we recommend you visit this tweet from @P_Sofia_0:

Sasuke from Naruto leaves nothing to the imagination in his uncensored figure Sasuke figure uncensored

And in case you decided that this special figure deserves to be part of our collection, we leave you all the details of the piece in question:

  • At the moment, I’ll start by saying that the only store as such in which we have seen this figure is in one in Malaysia under the name carousell. You can take a look at the sheet right here.
  • From _majinstore_ it is also possible to reserve the figure, but you have to do it by private message. The price they are considering in the store is 299 euros, with a reserve (I understand as a deposit) of 100 euros; approximately 6,200 Mexican pesos with a deposit of two thousand.
  • If you buy it in majinstore you will receive it from the first quarter of 2023 (approximately).

Sasuke figure uncensored

In terms of features and content, what you have to keep in mind is the following:

  • The figure has a height of 26.5 centimeters.
  • It has two interchangeable (Sasuke) heads.
  • It has two interchangeable ‘bananas’ (literally that’s what it says in the carousell store).