NASA cancels launch of Artemis 1 for important reason

The POT had to postpone the launch of the Artemis I missionthis decision was necessary since the megarocket had a technical problem with one of your main engines, the repair will take a while.

After 50 years of not making this launch, space experts and enthusiasts alike will have to wait even moresince no date has been set to have everything ready again.

With time in advance, the US agency had announced that this Monday, August 29, at 7:33 am Mexico time, it would launch its new megarocket, which has as destination the Moon.

This would be the launch of NASA

This would be the launch of NASA NASA Artemis 1

takeoff of Artemis I was scheduled to be effective from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Floridait would be uncrewed and would be sent on the Orion spacecraft at Space Launch System Rockey.

On this subject, in AmericanPost.News We inform you that Marcelo Ebrard at the time announced that he would be present at the launch of NASA’s Lunar Mission.

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NASA’s Artemis 1

NASA’s Artemis 1

The launch announcement was made after the powerful SLS rocket with the Orion capsule at its peak, managed to stay on platform 39B of the Kennedy Space Center.

After being delayed early today and scheduled for 10:33 Mexico time, the POT had already reported that if this historic mission does not take off today, it could become a reality on two other tentative dates, which are the September 2 and 5 next.

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