NASA creates a video with all the images of the probe that “touched” the Sun

The POT reported that last April, a space probe “touched” the sun for the first time in the history of astronautics. This team managed to capture images of the star, and the experts made a video collecting these images from the view of the Parker Solar Probe as it flies through the upper atmosphere of the “star king”, taking samples of particles and magnetic fields.

The material, published this Friday by the Science Alert portal, consists of individual captures taken between August 8 and 12 of this year, during the ninth perihelion of the Parker probe, or the closest approach to the Sun.

As we said in AmericanPost.News, the space probe is the first to have “touched” the Sun. In the images it can be seen that the fringes that the probe is traversing the coronal serpentines, huge electrically charged gas and plasma loops connecting two regions of opposite polarity on the Sun.

Impressive images of the space probe that approached the Sun

In the timelapse that NASA shared, you can also see how the coronal streamers spread through the solar wind and shine like that because they are full of electrons. These streamers, also known as helmet streamersare normally only visible from Earth during an eclipse.

But in the images you can see when the spaceship flies above and below them inside the corona. Also, that’s not all that scientists have detailed in the Parker probe time span.

Since the astrophysicist Grant tremblay, from the Harvard Center for Astrophysics and the Smithsonian Institution, has found that there are planets visible in the background, including Earth.

NASA possibly also captured some planets

Some planets were captured by the images of the space probe / Photo: Twitter

According to Tremblay, with the help of computer scientist Karl Battams and Andrew Phillips, in order of appearance, we first see Mercury, Venus, Milky Way, Saturn and finally the Earth and Jupiter. However, NASA has not confirmed this information.

The space agency noted that the success of the Parker probe is a new milestone and a great leap in solar science, comparing the achievement with the arrival of man on the Moon.

NASA researchers hope that touching the matter the Sun is made of will help them discover critical information about this star and its influence on the solar system.

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