NASA finds organic matter on Mars

The POT continues to reveal surprising discoveries as part of his mission in Marsthrough the robot called rover perseverance, because now they have announced that organic matter was found in the samples collected by this terrestrial device.

This could confirm that life existed on Mars, but for this, these samples will have to be analyzed by NASA scientists once the Perseverance rover returns to Earth. If confirmed, it would be scientific finding most important of all time.

As reported in American Post NewsPreviously, NASA indicated that evidence had been found that there was life on Mars below the surface of the red planet. It was even pointed out that this planet once had large lakes and seas similar to those on Earth.

Does NASA confirm that there is life on Mars?

NASA could confirm that extraterrestrial life exists Artemis 1 will be launched at the end of September

According to the information revealed by NASA, these findings are still not enough to know if there is or was life on Mars. It should be noted that these samples collected by the rover perseverance They were taken in an area that corresponds to a lake that dried up millions of years ago.

Perseverance project investigator at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, Ken Farley, explained that collecting these samples provides a rich understanding of the post-crater geological history and a diverse sample set.

It should be noted that NASA’s mission on Mars ends in 2030, when all the samples collected by the Perseverance rover are expected to return to Earth. However, by 2033 NASA is scheduled to retrieve some samples from the Martian surface.

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NASA reschedules lunar mission

Artemis 1 will be released at the end of September

After two failed attempts, NASA recently announced the new date on which they will try to launch the Artemis I mission, directed towards the Moon. This takeoff is scheduled for next September 27.

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