Natalia Jiménez shows off her new love, says she lives a dream

It was at the beginning of 2021 that the Spanish singer revealed that she was in the process of divorce, from her then husband and father of her daughter, Daniel Trueba, now Natalia Jiménez shows off her new love.

After the breakup of her marriage was revealed, rumors suggested that this had been due to a third party, a man named Arnold Hemkes, a member of her work team, with whom she later confirmed that she had a love relationship. .

At the time AmericanPost.News Natalia Jiménez divorced after 6 years of marriage, but recently revealed their relationship.

Natalia Jiménez shows off her new love

After her scandalous divorce, Natalia Jiménez shows off her new love. The chaotic divorce of Natalia Jiménez.

This romance seems to be going from strength to strengthWell, almost a year after they both uncovered their love, Natalia Jiménez shows off her new love, reflecting that her happiness is going from strength to strength and shows it off on social networks.

It was through her official Instagram account that the singer revealed that she is currently living a dream and little by little she has been able to form the life she always wanted. And it is that during her separation, so many rumors arose as that Natalia Jiménez declared bankruptcy prior to her divorce process, among others.

“This man you see here and I are creating the life we ​​always dreamed of, step by step, little by little. It is good that we have found each other and that we will continue to live adventures together, “he wrote.

In his post he said: “I don’t remember being this happy for so many years. Love you”, he added. These romantic words reached the lucky owner of Jiménez’s heart, who also dedicated a romantic message to him: “I am also the happiest love! This is just beginning, you will see all the good things that come. I love you.”

Divorce of Natalia Jimenez

The chaotic divorce of Natalia Jiménez.

Natalia Jiménez went through a scandalous divorce, because in addition to speculating that she had been unfaithful, it was also said that her ex filed a lawsuit against the famous one to take custody of her little daughter, alleging that Natalia was mentally unstable.

But now, it seems that everything has been left behind and not only is she experiencing a great moment in her career, but also personally with her beau and her daughter. That is why Natalia Jiménez shows off her new love.

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