Natalia Lafourcade before fake news of her death: “I am alive, I have not had a wake”

File photo dated October 31, 2014 of Mexican singer Natalia Lafourcade, during a concert at the Esperanza Iris Theater in Mexico City (Mexico). EFE/Sashenka Gutierrez (Sashenka Gutierrez/)

The Mexican interpreter Natalia Lafourcade He came out to deny on his social networks an alleged video that He noted that he passed away over the weekend. It was through a video on Instagram where the interpreter of to the root, alerted his fans, because a news that emerged on YouTube indicated that the 37-year-old Mexican singer had died.

However, the news spread to the singer who did not hesitate to address her followers and deny the rumors related to her health: “I just saw a video on YouTube where they say that I died this morning, that I am dead. I send this video to you from the kitchen of my house”, explained the Mexican singer-songwriter first.

In addition, Natalia Lafourcade He clarified that he does not have cancer as was speculated in the video and asked for the help of his followers to deny the information: “I am alive, I have not had a wake, I do not have cancer and I am not dead. I am here in the kitchen of my home enjoying a break between recordings of upcoming projects”, concluded the interpreter of You do know how to love me.

The practice of spreading this type of news in which the death of a well-known person is announced generates a lot of visitor traffic, visits that are monetized. The clickbait it turns into money, so the more famous the person affected by this kind of misinformation, the more money the page that published the news can get.

During the first month of the year, Natalia Lafourcade has been linked to various controversies related to social networks. ANDhe past January 14, the singer-songwriter of muses, shared again on his Instagram that he had suffered the theft of his account WhatsApp.

“Beautiful friends, my WhatsApp account was hacked and they were sending messages in my name that are not true. Just don’t be scared, I’m already solving it, I’ll be without WhatsApp for a while,” the Mexican singer wrote in an Instagram story.

Lafourcade’s message made it clear that he was already trying to get his account back, while everything is solved, he preferred to prevent his contacts from being victims of any fraud by this social network.

Natalia Lafourcade denounces the hacking of her WhatsApp account Photo: Instagram/@natalialafourcade
Natalia Lafourcade denounces the hacking of her WhatsApp account Photo: Instagram/@natalialafourcade

Natalia Lafourcade, is one of the most renowned singers and songwriters, because in her discography she has highly valued songs that have made her a winner of international awards and a recognized figure in the world of music, she currently has 15 Grammys.

Lafourcade’s stardom extends to other latitudes, where the public identifies her by her characteristic interpretations, full of meanings thanks to her long career of 20 years, which has placed her as one of the best Mexican voices of the last decade.

His appearances on stage have always been characterized by offering the public a show full of alternative rock, bossa nova, traditional Mexican and other styles full of color and sound experimentation.

Photo: Instagram @natalialafourcade
Photo: Instagram @natalialafourcade

Nowadays, Natalia Lafourcade is promoting her album A song for Mexico, vol. two, which succeeds ‘Volume 1’, which won a Grammy in edition 6, where he appeared with C. Tangana, Jorge Drexler, Antonio Carmona, La Húngara, Diego del Morao, Israel Fernández, Alizzz and Omar Apollo, all of them collaborators of his album The Madrilenian.

POn the other hand, his last great production was off stage when he participated with the actor Adam Driver on the tape Annette, by French director Leos Carax.


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