Natalia Lafourcade: this is how the jarocha looked during her debut in the group “Twist”

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Natalia Lafourcade is one of the most internationally recognized Mexican artists thanks to her talent and various record materials that have led her to obtain several awards in the industry, her Grammy being one of the most talked about.

Although the singer born in Veracruz has stood out in the musical field as a soloist, its beginnings date back to the 90s in the teen pop group “Twist”a very different project from his current musical proposal.

In contrast to his proposals for alternative rock, bossa nova, traditional Mexican and other styles full of folklore and sound experimentation, Lafourcade was part of the trio of young people who was governed by a current of pop very marked at that time.

Together with Tábatha, a former member of Jeans, and Ana Pamela, a teenager who appeared acting on the show The time of the kidsNatalia Lafourcade He debuted as a singer in the group promoted by the Tv Azteca label.

From their debut in Twist in 1998 until their split from the group in 2000, the group set trends with upbeat songs, colorful choreography and colorful costumes that, along with hits like “Late mi corazón” and “Hello”, it was worth them to train musically.

However, it was in this year that the female group dissolved and shortly after Natalia reappeared as a composer and with an alternative proposal very different from the one that characterizes it today.

I realized that this was not the path that I wanted to take in music. What happens is that I used to make songs before and in that group I told them ‘I want to include my songs, I want us to record, I have songs’, but the producers didn’t want to and then I already knew that I wanted to record my music, learn to play the guitar well, and I left“, said the interpreter of ‘She is pretty’.

Today, at 37 years old, and with record material successes under her sleeve, Natalia Lafourcade is crowned one of the most prestigious singers and songwriters in Mexico thanks to the decision she made more than two decades ago.

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