Natalia Lafourcade turns 38 years old; These are the hits of the singer

Natalia Lafourcade celebrates his birthday number 38 this Saturday, consecrating itself as one of the mexican singers most recognized today for their emotional compositions and an unparalleled career in the world of music.

The singer had her beginnings in the music industry after moving to Mexico City in 1998, accompanied by her mother. She joined a pop music group called Twist. This group was made up of her, Tabatha, a former member of the Jeans group, and Pamela, a former TV Azteca host. However, the group disintegrated the following year.

In the year 2000, producer Loris Ceroni listened to several of the demos he had received from Natalia Lafourcade and made the decision to produce his first solo album. It was published in June 2002 and was entitled “Natalia Lafourcade”.

Natalia Lafourcade and her debut album

Natalia Lafourcade celebrates 38 years of life.

The disc included the simple ones Look for a problem, In the 2000, I want to give you and Look at me, look at yourself. As if that were not enough, the singer Natalia Lafourcade became the main collaborator of the soundtrack of the movie Amarte duele, with the main theme of the same name, as well as the acoustic version of it.

Similarly, he recorded the song Llevarte a Marte, a duet with León Larregui, and contributed the song Un pato to the soundtrack of the cult film “Season of ducks”. For the closing of the tour of her first album, Lafourcade stopped performing as a soloist and began to perform together with her band: Natalia y la Forquetina.

Five musical successes of Natalia Lafourcade

Natalia Lafourcade celebrates 38 years of life.

Currently, the Mexican singer has made a name for herself and the more than 20-year career for Natalia Lafourcade has been very special because she takes advantage of every moment to thank all the followers who have been with her from the beginning despite her high moments and low.

For this reason, and on the occasion of his birthday, we remember five most emblematic songs as a celebration for his 38 years of life.

  • down to the root

  • It’s never enough

  • You do know how to love me

  • in 2000

  • what we build

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