Natalia Téllez tells Paola Rojas that she is already an elderly woman

Natalia Tellez 36-year-old made fun of Paola Rojas’s age of 45, this after talking about future projects and as many already know, they are part of Netas Divinas where they talk about various topics, so in a of those the first gave a different touch.

And it is that Natalia Téllez told the Mexican journalist that she was an elderly person, this after Paola Rojas gave her advice where she recommended doing something that she was passionate about the most, in addition to having many comadres, which took with humor his companion who told him that he was already on the third floor.

As expected, Paola Rojas answered him with her sweet way of expressing herself and told him that she was not a third party person and that she gave him that advice about having comadres, because Natalia Téllez had not said the name of the person who had told her. said that.

I told you that and I am not elderly, we already agreed that I am no longer the promise of journalism, but I am not elderly, answered Paola Rojas, to her partner, although many other users did not find Natalia’s expression They assured that if they take the two famous, so they decided not to take it personally.

“Paola is a girl… she’s a good mix of intelligence and heart… Natalla is exaggerated, totally in fear mode”, “Definitively, Paola Rojas is the only one with a good speech, even trivial matters she speaks intelligently. The others, oops!” , social networks write about these celebrities.

It must be remembered that thanks to Netas Divinas, the public has had the opportunity to learn more about these celebrities who have earned the affection of the public, who have listened to their interesting subjects, which leave everyone surprised, since they have not shared with the press.

As if that were not enough, Natalia Téllez is taking flight as a new mother, something that she had wanted for a long time, to start a family.

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