Natalia Téllez uncovers the reason why she left Galilea Montijo

The actress and host Natalia Tellez gave a lot to talk about during the last broadcast of the “Netas Divinas” program, because He was honest about the toxic relationship that has not been able to improve in his life and even Galilea Montijo came out “scratched”. Here we tell you the details!

The great moment of the confession occurred when the presenters Daniela Magun, Paola Rojas, Consuelo Duval and Galilea Montijo were questioned about their most toxic side, to which the blue-eyed responded honestly about her lack of criteria to set limits.

“I have no limits with people and then I don’t know how to set limits, I get to the point of moving away from people I love very much, because I didn’t have the courage to speak like an adult“Natalia Téllez told viewers.

With the humor that characterizes her, Galilea Montijo replied to her partner, alluding to the rumors of an alleged distance between the two: “Is that why you walked away from me?… I already understood”sentenced the Tapatia.

For his part, Téllez did not miss the opportunity to joke with the also host of “Hoy” responding: “Yes Galilea, for that and for many other things. I have a list. No it’s not true“.

Finally, Natalia explained that after a lot of work in therapy she discovered that her most toxic relationship is the one she has with her father, Guillermo Téllez. “I tell the therapist, ‘I love my dad, everyone knows I love him obsessively.’ He always talked about him, I told him ‘he has no limits’ and he told me ‘the one who has to set limits with him, is you‘” he confessed.

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