Natalie Portman, this is how her new costume for Thor could look

Perhaps they have let see before time the new suit of Natalie Portmanwho is a of the most anticipated things of the new installment “Thor: Love and Thunder”which does not yet have a trailer.

The appearance of the actress for the tape It is the mystery that fans have almost inadvertently solvedbecause they have shared the images that have leaked of the merchandising of the film and one of the figures is that of Nataliehe is seen wearing her “Goddess of Thunder” outfit.

It has been the stamp SH Figuarts of the Bandai company, who apparently you already have the collectible figures ready of the next film, somehow the images reached the fanswho got an idea what would the new look of the actress look like.

More details of the possible new appearance of Natalie Portman

More details of the possible new appearance of the actress Natalie Portman’s age today

On the twitter post draws attention to the possible aspect that it would have the Goddess of Thunder Jane Foster (role of Natalie)as she appears clad in her new battle uniform, as well as holding the mythical and powerful Mjolnir.

That because of its deteriorated appearance, fans believe that it is the same hammer of Helathe stepsister Thor and Lokifrom this has arisen the doubt of Who would have repaired it? Well the latter shattered it.

To solve this doubt and all those that could arise from the leak of the figure of Jane fans will have to wait until next July 8, 2022because it will be until this date that it will be released Thor: Love and Thunder.

How old is Natalie Portman today?

How old is Natalie Portman today?

Currently the actress Natalie Portman is 40 years old.was born on June 9, 1981, in Jerusalem, Israel.

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