Natalie Vértiz announces the death of her grandfather and dedicates an emotional message to her mother

Natalie Vertiz took a few seconds of the space “+ Shows” to tell that his grandfather passed away on January 9. Jaco Eskenazi’s wife did not provide further details on the matter, but she did send a heartfelt message to her mother.

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“Outside of these things. I want to take advantage of this segment to send a hug to my mom, unfortunately yesterday my grandfather, my mother’s father, passed away. I know this is not the time, the show must continue, but I want to send my mom a hug ”, she said, notoriously moved.

The also host of “You are in all” assured her mother that she will always accompany her. “Mommy you know how much I love you, you know that we will always be together in good times and bad”, he limited.

Jaco Eskenazi, who was also present on the set of “+ Espectáculos”, also publicly sent a message to his mother-in-law. “A hug mother-in-law, from here we hug you. Now your daddy rests in peace “, said the former reality boy.

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After listening to them, Jazmín Pinedo expressed her deepest condolences to Natalie Vértiz’s family. “Guys, sorry for giving this news, but I had it on my chest and they just talked about my mother and I had to say it”, Natalie added to change the subject.


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