Natalie Vértiz blesses the ‘Gato’ Cuba with her friend Ale Venturo: “He is a good, sporty and healthy boy”

SUPPORTS THEM. Natalie Vértiz once again declared about the relationship that Rodrigo Cuba would be about to confirm with the young Alexandra Venturo. According to the model, both are happy for this new relationship and said to hope that Melissa Paredes does well … with the activator kitten?

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Speaking to América Espectáculos, Natalie Vértiz confessed that it makes her nervous to talk about this issue because it is about her best friend Ale Venturo. He specified that he has not yet met Rodrigo Cuba, but he seems like a good boy.

“I have seldom been nervous to comment on a note, but I think it is a topic that everyone is finding out little by little that my friend is dating the Cat … I have been finding out little by little, the likes , comments, emoticons. It seems that they have already been talking, I’m glad, the ‘Cat’ looks like a good boy, an athlete, healthy, who doesn’t want someone like that for his friend, but I don’t know what will happen ”, he said.

Along these lines, Natalie did not miss the moment to throw flowers for her friend by remarking that she is a hard-working, pretty woman and the mother of her little goddaughter.

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“I think it is too early to be able to comment on something about what is going to happen, what situation they are in … The third parties are left over, I don’t know what they are planning, what they want to do, what I know is that they are calm and happy. I don’t know the ‘Cat’, I do know Melissa and it seems that she is calm, I hope they all do well, “he said.


For his part, Yaco Eskenazi, Natalie Vértiz’s partner, was not indifferent to the subject when he met Ale Venturo closely, to whom he wished him the best together with Rodrigo Cuba.

“If they are happy being together then may they do very well. I’m always going to wish them the best, I know Ale and I hope she’s happy, that she does well, ”she said.


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