Natalie Vértiz on the romance of her best friend Ale Venturo and the ‘Gato’ Cuba: “Fate has brought them together”

IT REVEALED IT ALL. Natalie Vértiz was a guest on the program ‘América Espectáculos’, where she took the opportunity to talk about the closeness that her best friend Ale Venturo has with the soccer player Rodrigo Cuba. Although she resisted in confessing it, the model remarked that fate has united them and that she still does not know the ‘Cat’.

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The model made it clear that it was not she who introduced her friend Ale with Rodrigo Cuba, however, she did not rule out that they had met through social networks. In addition, he described as an entrepreneur and super worker who would be the player’s new partner.

A public notice, I have not presented these human beings, it seems that fate has brought them together, I don’t know, through social networks. The only thing I can say is about my friend, she’s a pretty girlNot only physically, but she is a super hardworking, entrepreneurial mother and I know that she is a super person “, He said.

In that sense, Natalie Vértiz stated that she has not had the opportunity to get to know Rodrigo Cuba closely, since they are not friends, despite the fact that he has been the husband of Melissa Paredes.

“It’s true, Alexandra Venturo is my best friend, I have known her since I was 6 years old, we have studied at the same school, all our lives. I have known ‘Gato’ Cuba since chibola because we used to go to the same parties, but the truth is that we have never been friends, even when he was married to Melissa Paredes, he didn’t know him either, he sentenced.

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Along with her husband Yaco Eskenazi, Natalie Vértiz also defended her friend Ale Venturo and Rodrigo Cuba by ensuring that there is no reasonable time to fall in love. He even referred to the bad terms in which the marriage with Melissa Paredes ended.

What is going to happen in the future does not depend on us, because they are already good and upright people, great, who already know what they are doing. I have not had the opportunity to meet the ‘Gato’ Cuba, if everything goes well, surely the four of us will get together ”, precise.

“There is no reasonable time, we also know how the previous relationship ended. I think there is no time … if a relationship ends, you can fall in love again “He added in conversation with Yaco, who disagreed.


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