Natanael Cano and his girlfriend

The secret about who is the girlfriend of Nathanael Cano It is probably the best kept secret in the world of entertainment. So far, the young woman has been uniquely identified as Sara.

In November of this year, the creator of the “lying down” shared a first photo with the young woman, who allegedly denied being the singer’s girlfriend, during a brief vacation in Cancun Quintana Roo.

Months after Natanael Cano boasted that he was going to party with Bad Bunny in Miami, the singer decided to keep everything about Sara private, about whom he has not made any public statement so far.

Photos of Natanael Cano and his girlfriend

How we reveal you in AmericanPost.News Previously, through his official Instagram account, Cano shared the only photo of the young woman who is believed to be his current girlfriend, Sara, during her vacation in Cancun.

Published just two weeks ago, the only confirmed photo of the singer’s girlfriend – which we share with you on these lines – has exceeded 300 thousand “likes” since its publication at the end of November.

When was Natanael Cano’s wedding?

Natanael Cano’s wedding Natanael Cano’s real name

Natanael Cano’s “wedding” took place on February 5 of this year, according to the singer’s official Twitter account, although it was not a royal wedding, as some of his fans know.

Although the publication confused his 53,000 followers, it seems that it was a photo taken during his sister’s wedding, because Cano, who owns his own clothing brand, is not married.

What is Natanael Cano really called?

Natanael Cano’s real name

Nathanael Rubén Cano Monje, better known as Natanael Cano, is originally from Hermosillo. Although his “lying corridos” are highly criticized, the singer assured that regional Mexican music would not be the same without him.

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