Natanael Cano Awards

Nathanael Cano debuted in music in 2018 and is recognized as the creator of the genre “lying down”, which has earned him several awards but also criticism as we have revealed to you in The Truth News.

From Hermosillo, Sonora, the singer managed to enter the popularity charts with only 19 years of age thanks to his song “Above” which has more than 20 million views on its official channel of Youtube.

In addition to sharing the lyrics of El Drip by Natanael Cano, we also give you all the details of the awards that the interpreter has won thanks to his corridos lying below.

Natanael Cano radio awards

Natanael Cano Awards Natanael Cano Concerts

20-year-old Cano has won a Youth Award for the Most Picosa by “A Lying Love”, a Youth Award for the new Mexican regional generation and an award for OMG collaboration, all in 2020.

As we revealed earlier, the Hermosillo singer fuses genres such as corrido, sierreño-banda with rap, trap, and hip-hop in his music, with record-breaking videos on Natanael Cano’s official YouTube channel.

How much does Natanael Cano charge per concert?

Concerts from Natanael Cano

Natanael Cano boasts his luxuries on social networks, which he has obtained with concerts whose tickets range from 355 pesos to up to 1,350 depending on the location and characteristics of the forum.

When were the lying corridos created?

Natanael Cano explained what the corridos are prior to the Latin AMAs 2021, generated that he created in 2019 with the release of his debut album as a soloist, Corridos Tumbados and that has its antecedents in the green corridos of the 70’s.

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