Natanael Cano showcases his taste for the finer things with Don Julio 1942 tequila at the Arre HSBC festival

Natanael Cano highlights Arre HSBC with theatrical flair and reveals his choice of luxury tequila, Don Julio 1942.

The Arre HSBC festival, recognized as the premier regional Mexican music gathering, took place last weekend. The first day of this musical extravaganza showcased remarkable talents such as Alicia Villareal, Danny Lux, La Arrolladora Banda El Limón, and Chiquis Rivera. But the night’s climax was undeniably reserved for the sensation, Natanael Cano.

Embodying the world of his “bellicose” corridos, Cano’s performance on the main stage was nothing short of theatrical. He painted vivid stories of romance, luxury, and the underworld of organized crime that resonated with over 70,000 attendees. Dressed in a costume mimicking a bulletproof vest, Cano set the stage alight. His entourage, comprising dancers and musicians, enhanced the dramatic flair by enacting intense gunfights and showcasing the opulence represented in his songs. A highlight of his act was his indulgence in an expensive beverage, which he relished straight from the bottle.

El cantante celebró su presentación en el importante festival. | Fotografías: Luis Angel H Mora, Infobae México.
The singer celebrated his performance at the important festival. | Photographs: Luis Angel H Mora, Infobae Mexico.

Many festival-goers raised their glasses in tandem with Cano, sharing his triumph of performing at such a prestigious event. But amidst the revelry, a question buzzed among the audience: What was the enigmatic drink Natanael Cano so casually spilled on stage?

What was the mystery drink?

Footage from the event, captured by Infobae Mexico, shed light on the intrigue. Cano cradled a distinctively slender brown bottle, a sight familiar from Peso Pluma’s music video “Lagunas” featuring Jasiel Núñez.

Contrary to the speculation on social media platforms suggesting champagne or some sparkling beverage, the bottle held a more traditional Mexican elixir – tequila. Specifically, the Don Julio brand’s exclusive edition was Don Julio 1942. Presented in a luxurious collector’s box, this tequila variant is not just about its ritzy packaging.

Natanael Cano drinking expensive tequila on stage

The Don Julio 1942 stands out due to its meticulous production. Derived from a unique agave that thrives in challenging volcanic terrains, it undergoes an aging process of at least two and a half years. The emphasis is squarely on quality over quantity. Its flavor profile is rich, with undertones of oak, vanilla, and toasted agave, culminating in a memorable aftertaste of burnt oak complemented by vanilla sweetness.

The bottle’s golden amber hue undoubtedly makes it a sight to behold, explaining Cano’s preference for this particular brand. Although pricey, with its price ranging from 2,800 to 3,500 pesos for a three-quarter liter bottle, it isn’t the most expensive in the Don Julio collection.

A Testament to Success

Yet, for an artist like Natanael Cano, whose music career has skyrocketed, such extravagances are a drop in the ocean. He remained unfazed even when more than half the bottle spilled on stage or when it accidentally shattered. Such is the confidence of a star who delivered a spectacular performance at the Arre HSBC Festival.