Natanael Cano surprises a young couple with a private concert on their wedding day in Hermosillo

Natanael Cano surprises Hermosillo wedding attendees with a performance, turning a couple's day unforgettable; fans express envy on TikTok.

Natanael Cano, the singer behind hits like “Ch y la pizza,” recently turned a wedding in Hermosillo, Sonora, into an unforgettable event. Despite the demands of his ongoing Tumbados Tour, Cano took the time to surprise a young couple on their special day with an impromptu private concert.

The attendees were clearly taken aback by the unexpected performance, with many quickly reaching for their phones to capture the moment. Without such evidence, the event’s sheer incredibility might have rendered it a mere anecdote, dismissed by those not in attendance.

During the ceremony, Cano, known for redefining the corridos tumbados genre, arrived unannounced and immediately began performing some of his most beloved songs. The romantic atmosphere was palpably heightened by hits like “Mi Bello Ángel,” to which the newlyweds danced, wrapped in each other’s embrace. In a heartwarming gesture, Cano invited the couple onstage to sing alongside him and took a moment to congratulate them on their union.

Reactions to Cano’s unexpected performance quickly made waves on social media platforms. Clips from the wedding amassed significant attention, particularly on TikTok. The newlyweds, thrilled by the artist’s presence, could be seen dancing enthusiastically with him in one of the shared videos.

On TikTok, fans of the 22-year-old singer responded with a mix of admiration and envy. Comments ranged from expressions of longing like “Today I met envy” and “I want a wedding like this” to more humorous takes such as “If I don’t get married like this, I don’t want anything” and “I already feel like getting married.”


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Another clip showcasing Cano mingling and spending quality time with the wedding guests added to the online fervor.