Natanael Cano will release album by 2022

Nathanael Cano Y René Mejia they already prepare new album By 2022 and according to the statements of the singers on social networks, it will be the “most bastard of 2022”.

The singer Natanael Cano, in addition to having a very busy year promoting his album “A mis 20”, launches his clothing line with t-shirts of more than 3,000 pesos.

Despite his new successes, in AmericanPost.News We tell you that Natanael is already preparing for 2022 and has announced that he is preparing the launch of new ‘lying corridos’.

Natanael cano instagram

Natanael Cano and René Mejía on social networks together The singer announced through social networks that he resigned from his label

Through Instagram it has been announced that Natanael Cano and the so-called “Corrido lying down” René Mejía prepare new music, since in a photo they are seen singing and playing the guitar in a recording studio.

Along with the photography, René Mejía announced good news for the fans of both celebrities. “The most bastard album of 2022. #ct @ mundotumbadoct90%”

Natanael Cano releases album under his own label

The singer announced through social networks that he resigned from his label

Besides being great friends, René Mejía and Natanael Cano were part of the same record label, Rancho Humilde, which Natanael has just resigned.

In November, during a live broadcast via Instagram, Natanael Cano told his then representative Jimm Humilde, owner of the record company, that he wanted his retirement letter.

“I want to release my album by myself without Rancho Humilde. I’ve already worked a lot for Rancho Humilde. They are things that happen. I have like eight records there of which I have nothing, I am nothing or the owner of anything ”.

With this decision, Nathanael Cano will launch new album by 2022 under his own record label.

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