Natanael Cano’s luxury Porsche vandalized, this happened

Mexican singer Natanael Cano faces an unexpected setback as vandals target his car during a town visit.

In a surprising turn of events, the renowned pioneer of Corridos Tumbados, Natanael Cano, faced an unexpected incident during his visit to a town in Mexico. The singer’s luxurious Porsche was targeted and vandalized by an overzealous crowd.

The first glimpses of the incident depict a damaged rear spoiler, a heartbreaking sight for any car enthusiast, especially when hundreds of fans surrounded the vehicle. But the Porsche wasn’t the only casualty of the day. Reports suggest that an attempt was made to snatch a cap off the head of a companion with the singer.

Cano, clearly emotional about the incident, took to his social media platforms, sharing a snapshot of his damaged car with the caption: “I love all my fans, except the one who did this, I hate you with all my heart.”

A Glimpse into Cano’s Luxurious Ride

To the uninitiated, Cano’s car is more than just a vehicle. It’s a Porsche 911 GT3, celebrated for its unmatched road and racing capabilities. This model boasts a high-tech engine, rear-wheel drive, sport-tuned suspension, manual or dual-clutch automatic transmission, superior brakes, and optimized aerodynamics, ensuring stability at high speeds.

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And with such features, it comes with a substantial price tag. As per the official manufacturer’s details, the car is priced at around $200,000.

Natanael Cano's luxury Porsche vandalized, this happened
Natanael Cano charges up to 4MDP for

Natanael Cano: The Musical Phenom

The incident brings to the limelight not just the damaged car but also the stature of Natanael Cano in the music world. Recognized for his talents, he is a sought-after performer for private events, be it weddings or significant celebrations like quinceañeras.

However, having Cano perform privately is no small feat, nor is it light on the pocket. Sources, including the American Post News, have reported that a private gig with Cano could set someone back by approximately 350 thousand dollars, translating to a whopping 4 million Mexican pesos.