Natanael Cano’s new album ‘Nata Montana’ featuring Peso Pluma and Junior H to drop on June 30

Delve into 'Nata Montana'—16 tracks infused with talent from Peso Pluma, Junior H, and more. Set your reminders for June 30!

Natanael Cano will release a new album where he collaborates with Peso Pluma and Junior H. When is it coming out? This you should know. The corridos tumbados have been a great success on digital platforms, and its greatest exponents at the moment are Natanael Cano and Peso Pluma.

That’s why we couldn’t miss a new collaboration of these performers in Natanael Cano’s new album.

When will ‘Nata Montana’ be released? Natanael Cano’s new album

At 22, Natanael Cano gathered a large audience with his corridos tumbados, and his fans have been waiting for a new album for almost a year.

After the long wait, Natanael Cano announced the release of ‘Nata Montana’ and revealed his new songs and collaborations.

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Natanael Cano (@natanael_cano / Instagram).

Natanael Cano’s new album title is inspired by the movie ‘Tony Montana,’ so the album cover has some elements of this footage.

Even Natanael Cano uses a famous phrase from the movie: “The world is yours.”

‘Nata Montana’ is released on Friday, June 30, and features 16 songs, which he will sing with:

  • Peso Pluma
  • Junior H
  • Gabito Ballesteros
  • Tito Torbellino Jr
  • Hernan Trejo
  • Luis R. Conriquez
Natanael Cano
Natanael Cano (Instagram/@natanaelcano )

Natanael Cano revealed the new album’s songs

Natanael Cano shared several stories on his Instagram where he showed the cover of his album and the songs it will contain.

Natanael Cano has songs with his friends Peso Pluma and Junior H, with whom he has done songs like PCR.

‘Nata Montana’ will have 16 songs:

  1. Cuerno azulado
  2. Dirán de mí
  3. Más altas que bajadas
  4. La Lokerona
  5. Un convoy
  6. Pancake
  7. Viejo lobo
  8. AFS
  9. Eres
  10. Mi bello ángel
  11. En corto
  12. AMG
  13. Como es arriba es abajo
  14. Pacas de billetes
  15. Dando y dando
  16. Ghini
Natanael Cano lanza 'Nata Montana', su nuevo disco
Natanael Cano Releases ‘Nata Montana,’ his New Album (Instagram/@hypebeastlatam)

In two weeks, ‘Nata Montana’ will be released on all digital platforms, but his fans can pre-save the album to be among the first to hear it.

Natanael Cano’s fans were happy about the release of his album but also expressed their annoyance because it took him almost a year to release it.

Natanael Cano’s new album will be released on June 30, and his fans are eagerly awaiting his collaborations with Peso Pluma and Junior H.