Natanael Cano’s luxury van was found abandoned with bullet holes after an armed attack in Cancun

In social networks it was reported that the van of the singer from Sonora was shot at while he was driving through the streets of Cancun.

During the last few hours, the name of Natanael Cano has topped the trending lists on different digital platforms because he suffered an armed attack aboard his van while driving through the streets of Cancun, Quintana Roo. However, the Attorney General’s Office of the entity located in the Mexican Caribbean has already revealed the whole truth about these events and made it clear that, for now, there is no evidence to indicate that any personality of the artistic environment was involved in these events.

To begin to address the issue, it is important to point out that Natanael Cano was indeed present in Cancun, Quintana Roo, last weekend, as he took a trip to the beach to celebrate his 22nd birthday and several local media reported that he went to a nightclub with a group of friends. However, it was reported that the Sonora native got the worst of it, as his luxury van was found abandoned, with flat tires and bullet impacts that did not make it through the vehicle’s armor.

It is worth mentioning that it could not be proven that the singer owns the van. However, in various media, it was assured that it did belong to the creator of the corridos tumbados, who had already reported through his social networks and showed that he was in perfect condition, but did not mention anything about the alleged armed attack of which he was a victim.

Quintana Roo Prosecutor’s Office reveals information about the attack

It is important to point out that Natanael Cano’s van was discovered on Saturday, March 25. However, after having carried out the first investigations, the Attorney General’s Office of Justice of the state of Quintana Roo offered a press conference to talk about different topics regarding security in the entity, and it was the head of the said institution, Óscar Montes de Oca, who ruled out that any celebrity of the show business was involved in these criminal acts, although he pointed out that the investigations are still ongoing.

“Regarding the incident with the vans, I would like to comment that everything originated inside a restaurant bar on Kukulcan Avenue, and from there began a chase between the two vans through different avenues. One took out a firearm and fired it against an abandoned van in a part of the city. I want to comment that yesterday (Sunday, March 26), a search was conducted at the aggressor’s home. The van was recovered, 64 used cartridges and one percussion cartridge, among other objects, and we are continuing with the investigation. There is no evidence that there was someone from the artistic field at that time. However, it may happen later”, said the Quintana Roo Prosecutor.

Information in development…