Natti Natasha is seen without clothes when she wakes up while Raphy Pina is still behind bars

Singer Natti Natasha lit up her Instagram account after posting a hot video showing her lying down with no clothes. At the same time, in the background, you can hear a song, a voice that has made her fans go crazy for what could turn out to be a new collaboration.

Vida Isabelle’s mother decided to surprise her with more than 36 million followers on the social network of the little camera. Therefore, many spoke out when they saw the particular way the interpreter of ‘Tiempo’ dawns lying in her bed.

“Today I’m Hor… I woke up at 7 am. I can’t sleep, you know I’m ready, so daddy calls me”, was the message that accompanied the video where the Dominican can be seen with a mischievous look while moving her hair from side to side.

The publication generated more than six thousand comments of various types, some criticized her for seeing her without clothes, others assured that at any moment she would cheat on Raphy Pina, who has been detained for some months, while some users mentioned the fact that she is a “very beautiful” woman.

However, during the few seconds that the video lasts, another woman’s voice can be heard singing, and several of them believe it would be a new musical collaboration with Maria Becerra. For this reason, several explained that they were excited and would like to hear this new song.

“Let Pina call me who is the one who can, or give the number then,” “A palazo is coming,” “Pina tied up and Natti on the run,” “The girl from Argentina“, ” Today I know chic** whether Pina is there or not,” “I go crazy Natalia,” “enjoy it that your husband is in prison, “The girl will beat the horns,” “Oh how beautiful your nudity,” “Raphy Pina has disconnected from the chat,” “María Becerra is coming and the hard one of the hard ones,” “Very beautiful,” “Omg we are anxious to see this,” “I do not believe it,” “Pina does not like this,” were some of the impressions generated by the post.