Natti Natasha opens her dress on the red carpet at the 2021 Billboard Awards

Natti Natasha arrived at the great gala of the 2021 Billboard Awards. During her time on the red carpet, she surprised by appearing in a long white dress. At the waist the corset was transparent and her neckline was itself a bomb of sensuality. As always, the Dominican left everyone with their mouths open for her explosive sensuality.

But the sexiest moment of the night in her passage through the “red carpet” came when entering a tremendous opening on the side of the dress left bare her entire leg and thigh to the hips. Given this, his fans are telling him everything. “Hot”, “Bella”, “Beautiful”. Everyone is fascinated with Natti.

“Elegant is what will taste like Natty Bella. Radiant”. The compliments do not stop reaching him.

A famous person who could not not react to the image of the reggaeton is Chiquis Rivera, who before the image shared by the Instagram account of the award ceremony could not let the moment pass and gave it a like. This is added to the more than 14 thousand likes that have already been given to him in that post.

In the following publication you can see how Natti Natasha comes to pose with her partner, businessman Raphy Pina. Many of the fans consider that they are the best couple of the night. Pina arrived with a light blue suit and a white T-shirt. Certainly his outfit does not clash with Natti’s dress, although he probably does not enter the list of the best dresses, due to the simplicity of his look. Although it is understood that he wants his daughter’s mother to stand out on this night dedicated to Latin music.

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