Natti Natasha opens her heart and reveals how she managed to lose weight, after having Vida Isabelle

Natti Natasha opens her heart and reveals how she managed to lose weight, after having Vida Isabelle

Natti Natasha.

Photo: MARCO BELLO / AFP / Getty Images

Adamari López interviewed Natti Natasha dwithin the week of conferences prior to the “Latin Billboard” awards (Telemundo) to be held this Thursday in the United States. The Dominican singer shared all the secrets of how she has recovered her figure after giving birth to her first daughter, Vida Isabelle, four months ago.

“You realized that when she came in she is a skinny stick, and she just had a baby and she is spectacular. It took me 6 years to reach a weight more or less well, after giving birth to Alaia. What are you doing to look this good?“, Asks Adamari.

Natti Natasha rubs her pregnant belly and gives the impression of not having anything on the bottom.

“I wank, I wank every day, literally (laughs)! I wake up early, I do all kinds of exercise, that is, one day I boxing, another I just go and run. I eat clean, I am a vegetarian and I am quite crafty, but discipline is the key to absolutely everything in the world ”, says Natti.

The singer explained to Adamari that although we have not seen her with the extra pounds after pregnancy, she did have them, but she did not show them because she prepared everything to have some time and enjoy the recovery of her figure with peace of mind.

Adamari López with Natti Natasha talk about motherhood at the conferences prior to the Latin Billboard Awards.

“I said: ‘I don’t know how I’m going to look after giving birth, how I’m going to be physically, mentally, come on!’ I still wake up at dawn to give the baby milk and I said ‘I need to organize myself, we made all the videos for “Natividad” (her new album) when I was pregnant. All those videos that are out there, the one of “Ram pam pam”, “Before the sun rises”, all that I was pregnant and I was looking for all the ways, that is, angles in the video, everything, everything, everything, so that it would not be noticed; But it helped me to come back and I enjoyed my tummy after I gave birth, ”says Natti.

“I am not as clean as you. I am not a vegetarian and it costs me a lot and I was a lover, well, I am, but I already decided that no, my discipline told me no, of the soft drinks !, so I decided to put them aside ”, shared with her Adamari López.

Adamari López with her daughter Alaïa Costa.

I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, but I liked a soda, a plate of rice and a piece of bread, and they are decisions that one has to make in life to be able to link things “Adamari admits.

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