Near the bathtub Anastasia Karanikolaou grabs glances in a maxi skirt

The 24-year-old popular American influencer, Anastasia Karanikolaou It is one of the most requested models by important fashion and beauty brands, with which it usually collaborates through digital platforms, where it usually makes use of its great style and spectacular figure in the shape of an hourglass.

The best friend of Kylie Jenner, has managed to gain great popularity among users in the world of the web thanks to the various advertising campaigns in which she has lent her image together with companies such as Revolve, Fashion Nova, Ego, Good American, Pretty Little Things, among many others.

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But on this occasion, the beautiful young woman of Greek descent decided to show a garment from her new collection in collaboration with the British retailer Pretty Little Things, which has been very well received by Internet users so far.

With one of her latest publications through her personal account on the camera’s social network, the beautiful internet celebrity unleashed all kinds of reactions by appearing in a colorful outfit from the bathroom while posing on a small blue plush bench. near the bathtub.

As can be seen in the gallery of images, Anastasia dared to pose in flirty poses that quickly managed to capture the glances of her almost 11 million fans, where she wore a little top and a maxi skirt with a peculiar pattern in green, yellow and blue. .

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To accompany the publication, Karanikolaou placed a short message in the caption of her photoshoot, in which she wrote “Should’ve known u had the baddest”, which could be translated into Spanish as “I should have known you had the worst” .

And based on the geotag the model added, it’s currently on Miami Florida, preparing new material for her admirers, as well as visiting some places of interest to her with her close friends who always accompany her on her travels.

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