Nearly 24,000 evacuated Afghans have already arrived in the US after Taliban takeover chaos

Nearly 24,000 evacuated Afghans have already arrived in the US after Taliban takeover chaos
Afghan refugees at Dulles International Airport in Virginia.

WASHINGTON – About 24,000 Afghans have already entered the United States since the evacuation from Kabul airport began after the takeover of the country by the Talibanthe State Department reported on Wednesday.

State Department spokesman Ned Price did not specify what type of visa they had but he assured at a press conference that the majority were “Afghans at risk.”

Evacuees They are located in the military bases prepared for your accommodation in the states of Virginia, Wisconsin and Texas, among others, while their legal situation in the country is formalized.

This number is, however, only a part of the total of 124,000 evacuated between August 14 and 31 by US and international coalition troops.

Another 20,000 Afghans are in transit centers and about 23,000 in European countries

For its part, the Pentagon noted that approximately another 20,000 Afghans are in transit centers in countries supervised by the Central Command, which controls much of the Middle East; So what about 23,000 more are at bases located in seven European countries.

Likewise, Price pointed out that 4,500 US citizens have already returned to the country as part of the evacuation efforts, and acknowledged that around 100 are still in Afghanistan.

The United States completed the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan on August 31 after 20 years of war.

The government of President Joe Biden has been widely criticized by Republicans and veterans for “leaving behind” Americans in the Central Asian country and for the management of the withdrawal, which saw scenes of chaos at the Kabul airport.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin admitted on Wednesday that he is aware that they have been difficult days for many, referring to the death of 13 soldiers last Thursday in an attack by the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group against the capital’s airport. , which also left dozens of Afghan deaths and injuries.

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