Neglect of Maradona’s grave goes viral on social networks

Diego Armando Maradona is one of the legends of Argentine and international soccer, since he was one of the greatest in the history of this sport and gave the Argentine people millions of fans in the world, as well as unforgettable moments.

That is why his departure in November 2020 shocked the whole world, because soccer, the world and all of Argentina wept for him and paid all kinds of tributes in his name.

I stop now his tomb located in the Bella Vista Garden, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, it seems that it was going to become a site visited by thousands of followers of “Pelusa” or rather the famous Diego Armando Maradona, but the reality is different according to Some photos that have gone viral on the networks.

Maradona’s neglected grave

Maradona’s grave

It turns out that a photograph of the place where the remains of the world champion lie in Mexico 1986 went viral through social networks, which caused a lot of outrage for looking completely abandoned, neglected and with a few withered flowers.

“I went to meet and take a ceramic butterfly to Maradona’s grave. There were three bunches of dried flowers. That’s all”.

That was what Andrea Gamarnik wrote, a doctor in Social Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires and who had Diego Armando as his great idol, the same one who visited the grave of the football legend.

As if that were not enough, it was also clarified that outside the pantheon there are many decorations and tributes to the creator of “The Hand of God”, But outside… Outside the cemetery yes. Murals throughout the neighborhood. The one in the corner is beautiful.”

Where are the remains of the footballer?

It should be noted that the remains of Diego Armando Maradona are buried next to those of his father and mother, just as he wanted it and now the publication caused a lot of outrage in the South American country, some called it reckless.

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