Neida Sandoval: 19 years after the accident that changed her life and that of her family

Neida Sandoval with her family.

Photo: Neida Sandoval / Courtesy

Neida Sandoval 19 years after the accident that changed his life and that of his family, makes a tribute and recounts everything that happened: before, during and after.

19 years ago, Neida was living one of the happiest moments of her life: She was the news presenter of the most watched show on TV, ‘Despierta América’, she had finally managed to get pregnant and had just had her twins, Ali and Abito with the love of her life.

But everything changed when her husband, David Cochran, suffered three right-sided strokes and a heart attack. 19 years after the biggest nightmare of his life, that’s how he remembered it the beloved journalist on her Instagram account:

“January 13…Impossible to forget you! 19 years ago David collapsed in the kitchen of our house in Miami. It was the morning of January 13, 2003. At that moment our life as a couple and as a family took another course. David was no longer able to carry our twins who were barely 4 and a half months old. Three strokes in the right part of the brain that controls the cognitive area and a heart attack left him immobile in bed and they robbed him of all his learning.

The road has been long… of battles and victories, of setbacks and falls, of moving forward with a smile and the faith that only God can give us! David had suddenly become like a baby, he could not walk, nor show his emotions, nor put on his clothes or take a bath, he could not brush his teeth, nor eat aloneHe forgot how to open a door, drive a car, say I love you, hug us, he had lost the natural ability to laugh or get angry…

The medical forecasts were not encouraging, but a combination of good doctors, excellent therapists, a change in diet, medications administered correctly, care at home, family love, help from dear friends and faith in our supreme being Today, 19 years later, David is still here and we are with him..

His gait is slow but his neurocerebral capacity has largely recovered. David can no longer climb mountains and ride horses or display his dancing skills on a country music track!… It has not been an easy road and with the passage of time we must embrace even more our faith, tolerance, love, empathy and compassion.

One of the things I value is that our children Ali and Abito (Aliene Aida and Abener David) have had the privilege of growing up with their father, of sharing valuable knowledge when doing homework together during primary and secondary school, to develop as adolescents a sensitivity to people with special needs and to value family unity and understand that there are no excuses to go ahead conquering your dreams. Thank you for your love and your prayers!”

With these words, Neida summed up the 19 years she has been fighting for faith and love, putting her family ahead of anything and a wife that adversity never weakened her and became the strength of both.


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