Neida Sandoval remembers a sad moment and a special person by her side: María Elena Salinas visited her daily in the hospital

Since he began his career in the world of news, Neida Sandoval has covered all kinds of events, including battles between countries, but she never imagined that just over a decade ago his family would experience a moment that far exceeded the impact of everything he has communicated.

In a talk for the podcast “Sin Rodeo” by Jomari Goysothe journalist recalled the day her husband suffered a stroke just as she was in charge of the information section of Wake up America in the war on terror and she had just given birth.

“January 13, 2003 changed my life completely. David had high blood pressure and that day he collapsed. He had a heart attack and a stroke and in the hospital they gave him two others. Due to the area of ​​the brain in which they occurred, he lost all his knowledge and remained as if he were a baby, he had to learn to do it all over again. At the time, I felt that I had three war fronts: my family, my husband and my work,” said Neida.

Finally, the Honduran woman said that, during her husband’s recovery process, all her co-workers sent her signs of solidarity. and affection, but the one who surprised her the most was María Elena Salinas, because she visited her every day in the hospital and made sure that he lacked nothing, and the president of Univision, who told him not to show up for work while he was fighting for his life.

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