Nerea Godínez celebrates Christmas by visiting the place where Octavio Ocaña died

Octavio Ocaña.

Photo: Courtesy Televisa / Agencia Reforma

The family of Octavio Ocana has passed the hardest Christmas of their lives after the actor’s sudden death who won the affection and recognition of the public thanks to his character as “Benito Rivers” in the series ‘Neighbors’; So through their social networks they shared how they remembered the young man on this special date.

The first to expose her nostalgia was Nerea Godinez, who was the fiancee of Ocaña, well On the afternoon of December 24, he was present at the altar that was placed in a fixed way in the place where Benito lost his life on October 29 on a section of the Chamapa-Lechería highway in the State of Mexico.

The moment of the heartbreaking visit was captured through his Instagram profile, where he shared a video in which he appears doing a toast in memory of Octavio Ocaña in front of a bottle of his favorite beer, an image that he accompanied with a very special dedication, because in it he highlighted how difficult it is and will continue to be to live without him.

Merry Christmas love of my life, you will never lack light or company while I have life. I LOVE YOU FOREVER. Your favorite beer and what for me was “chelear” and you always bought me. In this one could not my love, but I know that somehow we will get back together! May every tear that I have shed for you gives me the strength to continue“, It is read at the bottom of the recording of a few seconds in length, but that has been reproduced about 400 thousand times.

In another publication, the young businesswoman showed with a series of photographs the gifts her son sent, who grew up sheltered by the actor’s affection.

Your Child also left you his bracelets (for you) and a photo of the two that he colored. We love you my king“, He said.

However, her sisters, Bertha and Ana Leticia, continued their duel by sharing a series of posts in which they are seen with a photograph of Octavio and where they highlighted that he will always be present in their hearts and in every second that remains of their life: “you were our greatest pillar, the most beloved of your family, you are unforgettable my king“.

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