Nerea Godínez, Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend, says that the actor’s spirit is manifested

In June of this 2021, Octavio Ocana He had gotten engaged to his girlfriend, Nerea Godínez, who since the tragic accident in which the actor lost his life has not stopped sharing the happy moments they lived together through their social networks.

Nerea has received displays of affection from Octavio’s fans, but there have also been those who, inclusor, they blame her for her deathThat is why the young woman granted an interview to clarify things and thus stop the attacks against her.

“I don’t want them to keep bombing and attacking. Do not believe in all that they take out and invent. I was not to blame for anything I don’t have bad friends. It bothers me. They have already reached a point where it bothers me because I did not ask for this, ”he said.

Likewise, in another part of the conversation he had with the program “De primera mano”, he assured that the spirit of the famous has manifested itself to him.

“Yes, it has already been present; He opened doors for me, he threw things at me. Already … it was already present “

Nerea Godinez

The alleged paranormal manifestations at first scared her, but added that over time he calmed down and was confident, he wanted to believe that it was the soul of Octavio Ocaña and not something else.

“I calmed down, I said, ‘It’s probably him,'” he said.

Regarding the criticism he has received for not showing his pain in public, he commented that he cries in private, meanwhile he has to be strong to continue with his life and caring for his little son, who called the late artist “Papá Tavo.”

It is almost a month since the death of the actor who gave life to “Benito Rivers” in “Neighbors”. For the time being, his death concluded that he shot himself in the head, but his family still maintains that the young actor, 22, was killed by police who chased him in Cuautitlán Izcalli, State of Mexico, where the made on October 29.

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