Nerea Godínez revealed how she faces the duel for the departure of Octavio Ocaña: “Everything in my house is him”

A month after Ocaña’s death, this is the life of Nerea Godínez, his fiancée (Photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo)

Nerea Godinez, girlfriend of Octavio Ocana, revealed how she faces the grief of having lost her fiancé. Still devastated by the fact, the young woman explained how she is increasingly overcoming the situation.

“I don’t like being in my house, because everything in my house is him. Everything is Tavo “, said the sentimental partner of the actor of Neighbors for First hand.

Octavio Ocaña’s fiancee commented that it has been difficult for her to be at home, because for various reasons she remembers her partner. “I get depressed and I spend it in the street or I go to my company. I stayed there for a long time or I go to my best friend’s gym and I’m there for another time. I just come and sleep“Said Nerea Godínez.

Godínez stressed that she tries to keep busy and, if possible, away from her home. He commented that if he stayed at home, he would start to suffer some havoc from anxiety. Similarly, he mentioned that he can cry all day if he stays at home.

“I can’t be like this, that’s why I’m looking for something to distract myself. I go out to lunch or dinner, or I go with my sister-in-law. There I am walking because I do not like to stay here alone”Said Nerea Godínez in a clear state of distress.

In the program First hand They questioned him about whether he has a message for Octavio Ocaña. “I would tell him to teach me to carry on without him. To live a life without him, ”said the actor’s fiancée.

Photos: Instagram @ nerea.gogo
The couple enjoyed several romantic trips (Photos: Instagram @ nerea.gogo)

Nerea Godínez and Octavio Ocaña were shown as a couple who really enjoyed traveling. Regarding the places they visited, the girlfriend of “Benito Rivers” stressed that she can’t even go near them. One of the most special for the couple was Jalisco.

For me all Jalisco is him. So I don’t know if I will ever return. The truth is that it would be something strong. He was happy there“Added Nerea Godínez in her interview for First hand.

The partner of the late actor stressed that Ocaña was a very fan of Jalisco and all its regions. He expressed that no other place caused him more happiness than “La Perla Tapatia”. He also added that he had many Jalisco followers, which only filled “Benito Rivers” with more affection.

Nerea Godínez shared an emotional message for Octavio Ocaña remembering his passion for soccer Photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo
Nerea Godínez shared an emotional message for Octavio Ocaña remembering his passion for soccer (Photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo)

“I would tell him to teach me, to guide me, to guide me in this life that I have left without him”, Nerea Godínez concluded about how she has faced the duel after the tragic death of Ocaña.

A couple of days ago, Nerea Godínez assured for the same program that There was no will of Octavio Ocaña that benefited her and her son Andrés. The actor’s partner denied that rumor and stressed that the entire Ocaña family continues their normal working life.

“I can tell you that my life is normal, with my company as always and my day, well, normal: work, go back to my house and that’s it. And his father, the same with his company in Tabasco and his sister working. We’re all doing what we did when Tavo was”, Highlighted Godínez.

Octavio and Nerea the day they got engaged (Photo: Instagram / @ nerea.gogo)
Octavio and Nerea the day they got engaged (Photo: Instagram / @ nerea.gogo)

He pointed out that Octavio Ocaña did not make her the heir to his fortune as the rumors that circulated came to think. “The house is mine, it is rented but it is mine, I was here before. The company has been a lifelong family. Everything I had is not even in my name, “concluded Nerea Godínez.

On October 29, actor Octavio Ocaña, best known for his role “Benito Rivers” in the series Neighbors, He was shot in the head with a firearm. The actor was found involved in a police chase in Cuautitlán Izcalli.


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